Senator S4 (Mid-Mount) and Senator RV (V-Drive or Rear-Mount)

The latest in the Senator Series. For those customers who want a little more than what the Senator SST and Senator XR has to offer, such as a walk through bow rider section, more provision for adding ballast for wakeboarding, and a trim plate for altering the height and shape of the wake, the Senator S4 (Series 4) and Senator RV has been developed. With still the same length and width as the Senator SST / XR range but with standard features such as higher sides to accompany the added weight of a ballast system, a walk through open bow section, and an 18 inch wide trim plate at the rear. The Senator S4 is the mid mount version and for those who prefer a rear mount or v-drive version, we have the Senator RV.

The Series 4 Senator was chiefly designed as a crossover boat between water skiing and wakeboarding, for those who want to dabble in do a little of both.

Senator RV.jpg
Senator s4.jpg